Let your brand shine with our
2023 Magnetic Calendars 

Stand out with calendars worthy of catchy lifestyle, travel, and cooking magazines.

Our 2023 Fridge Magnet Calendars are Canadian-made for Canadians.
Topped with your business card and featuring rich content and striking pictures every month, they will assuredly catch your customers' attention year-round.

  • Stick your business card in a breeze

  • Easy to mail with a standard letter stamp;

  • Five compelling themes to choose from;

  • Improved tear-off: pages stick tight until willingly torn-off;

  • 14-month format, highlighting holidays in Canada;

  • Size: 3.5" width, 6.25" height.

  • Sold by increments of 100;

  • From ¢57 to ¢78 per calendar, depending on the quantity;

  • A flat shipping fee of $20;

  • Mailing envelopes included;

  • Personalized return address labels are optional;

  • Business cards printing is optional;

  • Printed on environmentally friendly paper (non-glossy).



Click on the calendar themes below to leaf through their 13 inside pages, each boasting a different stunning picture and write-up.

Tip to save  If you're planning on ordering different themes, select our Combined Selection as You Like option below.