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Booklets are magazines, menus, catalogues, product manuals, newsletters, training materials or brochures in a multi-page format.

Booklets are one of our favourite products...

...because we are able to offer amazing prices on them. The best-priced Canadian booklets are made here!

Need help figuring out the printing trade lingo? Looking for something very specific? Just inquire and express your needs and wishes. With the guidance of our booklet printing specialists, you will get what's just right for you. 


We talk about the folded size: 8.5x11 and 5.5x8.5


Self-Covered: This term is used when you don’t have a different stock for the cover. All pages of the booklet are printed on the same stock.

Example: A 16-pager Self-covered booklet is a bound form of 4 sheets altogether. The front cover is being the page 1 and back cover being the page 16 regardless the page numbers are printed or not printed on the pages. It is very economical to have self-covered booklets. Please include the cover pages to your count, too.


Plus-Cover: When a different, commonly a thicker stock is used for cover. A 16-pager, plus-cover (cover is a 4 pager) is a bound form of 4 sheets of paper and 1 sheet of card stock altogether, summoning 20 pages together.


Definition of Page: One side of a sheet of paper. So, the number of pages in a booklet is the number of pages on your documents.

Page Count: The total number of pages must be multiples of 4.

Example: 8-pager, 16-pager, 44-pager


Since there are so many possible combinations of size, page count, and copy quantity, we didn’t list the prices here. Please inquire pricing by indicating the folded “size”, “page count” self-covered or plus-cover and the “quantity” you are interested in. We will be happy to get back to you with pricing in a few hours.

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