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A huge way of advertising.

Common Sizes for posters: 12x18, 18x24, 19x27, and 24x36

Stock is 100 lb. glossy paper. For posters that are printed on different materials, please see our Large Format Section.


Printing is one-sided only. (inquire pricing for double-sided posters)

The first size, 12x18 can be printed digitally, so small quantities can be expected to have with ease. Larger sizes can only be printed with an offset press. This means that quantity plays a big role in pricing. We can print 100,000 posters with an offset press and the last copy would be as good as the first one.

If you need a larger size poster but only one or two copies would suffice, please check our large-format section, we can help.

Posters are event promoters.

They are everywhere, on windows of the store where you buy groceries, on the door of your favourite cafeteria, on walls, on poles, on boards. Reserve your space among them and promote your next event or your new service with posters.

Single sided pricing

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