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No worries, we can envelop you.

Types: Plain envelopes, Window envelopes, Artline Envelopes, Security envelopes,

Self Sealed (Self Adhesive) envelopes, Peel and Strip, Catalogue envelopes, Invitation envelopes, Booklet Envelopes, Donation Envelopes, Blank envelopes,

Flap types such as commercial, square, side seam and policy envelopes.

Open End or open Side according to where the opening is…

Sizes: There are so many sizes. Please inquiry pricing for other sizes we can’t list here.

Common Office Envelopes:

#10: 4.125x9.5 (window or plain),

#9: 3.875" x 8.875" (window or plain),

Common Catalogue Envelopes: 9x12 and 10x13

Common Announcement Envelopes: A2: 4.375x5.75 A6: 4.75x6.5 A7: 5.25x7.25 A9: 5.75x8.875


Prices for plain envelopes (no window)

Envelopes are considered to be stationery

There are so many types and styles of envelopes available in the market.
Simply inquire and tell us what you need.

We believe we can “envelope” your requirements.

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