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20 cents/sheet

We sell Avery Compatible Label Blanks for Laser Printers.

We carry a vast variety of different sizes and shapes all on an 8.5x11 laser sheet.

Packages contain 250 sheets of the same style. It costs $50.00 per box (250 sheets) Unit price per sheet is 20 cents.

Duroflex Avery label chart.jpg

Die Cut Laser Labels are also called Pressure Sensitive Self Adhesive Stock

Compare prices with Staples, but be aware that we call them by sheet quantity; they call it by the individual count on a sheet.

Example: #3914 is a mailing label; there are 30 pre-cut labels on one sheet.

We call it a box of 250 sheets. It yields 7,500 single labels. It is $50.00 per box, (20 cents a sheet)

They call it 3,000/pack. It is 100 sheets per package and they sell it for $45.00 (45 cents a sheet)

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