Are you among the professionals whose preferred yearly give-aways are Fridge Magnetic Calendars? That’s a clever choice, as your business card is likely to be seen by your prospects every single day of the coming year.

But there is more to it. Tear-off calendars speak loads about your business, your expertise, and how much consideration you show to your clients.

So which style of calendars should you pick?

As a printer, I’ve been in the calendar business for more than 20 years. I’ve seen it’s natural for a real estate professional to choose the Home Staging Tips, travel agents Canada’s Hidden Gems. Using the same logic, those in the catering and food industry choose Seasonal Recipes.

But what about your client’s expectations and interests? What would they be keener to stick on their refrigerator for a whole year without getting bored?

Of course, striking, beautiful pictures, with useful contents. But what calendar theme works best?

Let me share one of the experiments we did last year at Chromograf Printing.

A dry cleaning company wasn’t sure which of these small magnetic calendars themes to order. It was a small walk-in business, so the plan was to give away the calendars directly to walk-in clients.

We decided to display the calendars on a tray and let customers pick the one they like. That year, we had six different themes. The owner ordered 100 calendars of each to start with.

Interestingly, when customers were given the choice of which calendar to choose, the result was very clear, as shown in the graph below: