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Wall Decals are designed and custom printed to fit the size of your wall.

They work on indoor smooth wall surfaces, drywall, doors, and painted walls as well as outdoor.


Our wall graphics are printed on removable flexible vinyl and laminated for easy installation and protection.

We recommend matte lamination because it reduces glare effects. Gloss lamination works well if the room has dim light.

outdoor wall graphics installed
wall graphics, GM
wall coverings graphics
restaurant wall graphics
wall graphic Timmies
garage door graphics
Hoarding Banners and Signage

Our help for installation is available, but, you can take care of the smaller pieces by yourself. It is not too difficult. We will send you instructions.

Any size wider than 4 feet comes in multiple pieces and can be installed seamlessly.

The length on a single piece is limitless. A 20’x4’ could come in one piece per say. But it makes the installation difficult.

Pricing for some random sizes

The above prices do not include shipping charges. Since it ships rolled, the charge would be $10.00 to $15.00 in Canada.

You can customize your office, business place, restaurant lounge, waiting room, halls, any room basically, even your residence.

The graphics could be a custom logo of your brand or a family photo or a dream destination. Motivational imagery or photo(s) for your children’s room are other ideas.

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