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Here are some ideas for a fruitful notepad marketing strategy...

Custom notepads are extremely effective at boosting your brand's recognition and subsequently increasing sales.

That is to say, it is because of the nature of notepads. Firstly, notepads are functional. Additionally, they have a multitude of uses. Unlike business cards, which are often discarded, custom printed notepads keep your brand top of mind while your clients take notes, write to-do lists, or doodle.

So, the next question is:

When a business decides to market with notepads, how should it use them most effectively?

Here are some ideas for a fruitful notepad marketing strategy:


Since these notepads will serve as marketing materials, they must include elements like the business/company logo and contact details. Other things you may include are quotes, slogans, photos, etc. Just be careful not to clutter the page with them.


The first thing to consider in the process is the layout. How would you like your notepad to look? Do you need a lined writing space, grids, a checklist, or just plain white?

Would you like to see your logo watermarked? What will be the concept or theme?


As soon as the notepads are handed out, the process begins (even if subconsciously). However, many businesses fail to consider this and consume the notepads for their own needs.


You'd undoubtedly want your notepads to reach as many potential customers as possible.

In meetings, the notepad has the ability to leave a lasting impression. This is true for casual correspondence as well. Imagine how many times we exchange notes and letters each day, both internally and externally. Such a strategy could boost brand awareness quite significantly.

If you have a customer list, you could direct mail them to them, or consider unaddressed mailing to farm your neighbourhood. I assure you none will end up in the recycling bin.

Our team would be more than happy to help you with your custom notepads. Simply fill out our contact form, call us or email us at


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