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A lightweight and affordable option in the promotional sign business.

It is sturdy enough for short term outdoor signage. Coroplast signs are widely used as real estate signs, election signs, trade lawn signs, business signs, sales, specials, openings, closings, and announcements.

They come in the following thicknesses: 4 ml, 6 ml, 8 ml, and 10 ml.

They can be single-sided as well as double-sided.

They could be full colour, one colour or two colours. 

Lamination option: Matt, Gloss, and Dry Erase.

Printing methods are screen printing, digital flatbed printing, and digital vinyl mounting with lamination.

With all the configurations and options, we will pick the right technic for your project.

Below we display some of the most common sizes However they can be any size between 1x1 and 4x8 (in feet). Square cut or custom shape die-cut. Please inquire.

Coroplast signs can come with an “H-Stake” also called “H-wire” which is a galvanized simple framing to go into lawns. The approximate cost of these H-stands is $1.00 apiece extra.

real estate for sale signs.jpg
large sign corugated plastic cheap.jpg

Prices for full colour, single sided, flatbed without lamination Corrugated Plastic Signs

Prices for one and two colour, single sided, screen-printed Corrugated Plastic Signs

sidewalk signs.jpg
corugated plastic bilboard sign.jpg
outdoor corugated plastic sign.jpg
field signs frame.jpg

There are several techniques for printing yard signs. We choose the method according to the quantity and colour information.

We use a screen-printing technique if the quantity is more than 50 and colours are separable. It provides the best pricing and the best durability on the image between 10 to 30 years.

We use the laminated vinyl covering technique if it is full colour and the quality of the colours is critical for the customer. It provides 5 to 6 years in hot colours like yellow and red and 8 to 10 years in cold colours like blue and black. We recommend these for Local Businesses, Trade Professionals, in-store or outside menu signs.

We use flatbed printing for full colour images if affordability is an issue for short-term postings. It is the cheapest option for full colour signage yet the durability is between 6 months to 12 months. It is ideal for real estate professionals, For Sale Signs, Open House Signs, Election Signs, Short-term event signs, and special promotions.

coroplast signs, field.jpg
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