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(Aluminum based)

Alupanel is a rigid and low-cost material, consists of a hard plastic core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets.

It is easy to work with and it provides a very long outdoor life.

Alupanel signs are a good choice for exhibition booths, store displays, and outdoor information signs. 

It is much lighter and cheaper than core aluminum or any other metal sheets.

It could come in different colours and finishes.

The full sheet size is 4x8 feet.

From there we could cut it to any size.

We definitely recommend lamination to extend the lifespan of bright and vivid colours.

rigid aluminum sign_edited.jpg
rigid sign outdoor metal_edited.jpg
alupanel sign outdoor_edited.jpg
outdoor garage sign_edited.jpg

Full colour, single sided printing on Alu-panel boards with lamination

The prices above don't include the shipping costs. Due to its size, freight could be costly. 

But we can use our own truck for deliveries in Montreal and in Toronto. Let's talk !

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