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Welcome to Chromograf

Behind the name: 
Chromo- represents chromolithography. A coloured picture or graphic that is printed by lithography.  Lithography is a general term for printing, mostly refers to offset printing, flexography, and screen printing.
-graf is a fun and unique way for us to say graphics.
Chromograf is an innovative online printing company in Canada, offering remarkable offline marketing solutions and materials for businesses. 
Our vision is to completely remodel offline marketing and print ordering in Canada. 
Through our competent online catalog and advanced production, we offer an immense portfolio of products at superb quality while beating market prices.
We don’t rush to charge your credit card when you are trying to figure out what product or quantity pricing works better for you. We’d like that you send us your order including your concerns and questions by email. We will consider your unique situation and determine the best solution/product for you.
We are fast. If it is a custom printing job, we also will examine your artwork prior to the payment. Then when everything is right, we will invoice you.
We accept Interac money transfer by email, Paypal payments, as well as major credit cards such as Visa and Master Card for your convenience.
Upon your payment, we will start production/shipment.
Did we say we are fast?
We’re enthusiastic about print!
But what does that mean for you?
It’s an assurance that you’ll always receive the best service
and the best products at affordable rates.
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